Do You Know The 10 Commandments of Safe Driving by Chitwood ?

There are many rules of the road. I consider these to be the most important.  I hope you agree. …………..      * THOU SHALL NOT FORGET TO WEAR ALL SEAT BELTS IN VEHICLE.   *THOU SHALL NOT DRIVE WHEN DRINKING, SLEEPY OR IMPAIRED.  *THOU SHALL NOT SPEED OR BRAKE DRIVING LAWS….SPEED KILLS.  *THOU SHALL BE OBSERVANT AND HAVE AN ESCAPE ROUTE AT ALL TIMES.  *THOU SHALL NOT WEAVE IN AND OUT OF TRAFFIC. *THOU SHALL NOT PARTICIPATE IN ROAD RAGE.   *THOU SHALL NOT EXCEED THEIR DRIVING LIMITATIONS AND ABILITY.   *THOU SHALL NOT BE DISTRACTED BY ANYTHING, ANYONE, OR ANY DEVICE.  *THOU SHALL NOT LEAVE THE SCENE OF AN ACCIDENT.  *THOU SHALL NOT FOLLOW TO CLOSELY OR GIVE BRAKE TESTS.                                                                                                                                              In staying with the GOOD BOOK,  do onto others as you would have them do to you. I hope everyone also has a little FUN driving, It is supposed to be that way!!!  It seems it is getting harder all the time. Good Luck and stay SAFE out there.