Its true cars are much safer now than ever before. However, accident numbers and Fatalities are climbing in number. This means one thing to me. Drivers are not trained properly, driving responsibly, and the new cars have many distracting devises. Also cell phones and alcohol play a big role in accidents. Drivers are not paying attention to the task at hand- SAFE DRIVING. According to the National Safety Counsel the breakdown on causes of accidents are: Distractions 36%. Alcohol 30%, Speeding 30% and misc balance. It is your responsibility to get from point A to B safely. It doesn’t matter if it is 1 mile away or 1000 miles away. Your Family and other drivers are depending on you to make the safe moves, be predicable, obey the laws, and drive properly. Most people do not realize the damage that can be done at a nominal speed of only 45 miles an hour. My Dad always said “You could put some drivers in tanks and they would still kill themselves.”

I hope with our blog, we can get our message across to as many drivers as possible. Your participation is appreciated. Pass the word along to your kids and loved ones. Do not be distracted, by anyone, anything or any devise, even for a moment or it could be your last moment. Two of the most important qualities a race driver or stunt driver possess is concentration and consistency. Please pay attention and Do not Drink and Drive.

This stunt The T-Bone crash was performed at a nominal speed of 45-50 miles an hour. Quite devastating damage.