Safer Driver Resolution For 2017

I hope a lot of drivers are making a Safer Driver resolution for the New Year. It should read: “I resolve to be more courteous and respectful of the other drivers”. It just seems to me, everyone is in a hurry and only out for themselves. It is the “me against the World attitude” and no consideration for anyone else. Lets all try and be a little more patient, courteous and leave a little earlier and not be in such a rush. Respect and think of the “other guy” and work together to get there safely. Any race driver will tell you the race track is a dangerous place but they always have the “other drivers” in mind. Race drivers look out for each other and it is a give and take world out there too. When a professional driver makes a mistake it usually winds up in a wreck also. For one to finish First, one must first Finish. Lets all be more courteous and think of the “other driver” as it will pay off for everyone. An auto accident ruins your whole week and sometimes a lot longer. Good Luck out there!!!!!