Beware Of Flying Objects From A Car Or Truck – They Can Be Deadly

Some drivers do not properly load and secure items hauled on their vehicles. How many times have you seen large pieces of furniture, mattresses, coolers, bikes, etc.????? laying on the highway?. Worse yet, is seeing an object flying off right in front of you. The wind speed pressure or shifting forces from turns, stops and starts is not properly thought out. Tiny ropes or small straps are used and often give up under the stress of the added pressure from the wind speed or shifting G Forces. Make sure you use heavy duty tie downs. Approximately 200,000. accidents are caused each year from road debris and objects flying from vehicles. This causes more than 500 deaths and near 29,000 injuries a year. According to AAA 37% of all fatal road debris crashes happened because the driver swerved to miss an object, and lost control. Most of these accidents happen between 10 AM and 4 PM when people are hauling heavier objects. Complicating the problem, if you hit an object sitting in the highway, “your” insurance must cover it. NOT the person who drops it. It is usually considered a “no fault” claim and your deductible will apply. Insurance Companies usually consider an object in the road as an “avoidable accident” which makes it non fault. On the other hand, debris flying out of a pick up or off a car roof,  hits you in mid air is considered unavoidable. This makes it a comprehensive claim and the bad news is your deductible still applies.  Repairs to windshields only, usually avoids the deductible. Check with your Insurance Company to see how your policy is set up.                                                                                  If you see a suspicious or unstable load, try not to follow directly behind the vehicle. Move over to left or right if possible and slow to give yourself more distance. If an object flies off or is in the road, the natural reaction is to swerve to miss it. You must make a moderate move so you can miss it safely, without losing control or hitting another vehicle. This is where knowing your driving ability, and giving yourself time by looking far enough ahead applies. You may be better off to hit the object if it is not extremely large and you are in heavy traffic. Paying attention, being alert, and having an escape plan can help you make the right choice. This ability and planning can save your life and lots of damage.