Role Model Driving Helps Your Kids Be Safer Drivers

A good driver role model is important for your kids. One of the most significant gifts you can give, is to “show” your kids / teens safe driving habits. This includes setting an example of no Texting and a “no phone zone”while driving. Today’s’ kids see and hear everything and emulate you more than you think. How many times have you heard you kids repeat a cuss word or tell an embarrassing story?

Parents or Grandparents who really care about their young ones demonstrate safe and courteous driving. Making sure Teens sign up for Driver Training courses at school and giving them your patience and time to help them practice is mandatory. The result is lower insurance rates and a safer loved one. Age brings wisdom and experience, share your “tips” and stories. ¬†Showing confidence and encouragement is good. Relaying the seriousness of the hazards and the large responsibility is imperative. Explaining a set of rules is a good idea. Driving is a “privilege” that can be taken away by you or the State. As long they are in your house you have some leverage. Suggestions would be: Always wear seat belts, ¬†cell phones OFF in the car, obey the speed limit, no teen passengers for first 3 months. Teen passengers double the chance of an accident. There are several inexpensive devices available that you can plug into the car your teen is driving. You can set a speed limit, a range of miles, and even track locations. Apps are also available for their phone so they can not use it while driving. A shocking statistic to me is 50% of all teens will be involved in some kind of a car accident before they graduate. On the average six (6) teens age 16-19 die each day in auto accidents.

My Grandson gets his drivers licence this Spring after a year of training and practice. We have a lot of confidence in his ability and judgement. The first year is a very critical period and a check ride every now and then and asking questions about their experiences helps. In closing do what ever you can to help and supervise as the statistics for teen drivers are not good. Being a good role model is critical. Good Luck.