Older Movie Stunts May Have A Lesson In Safer Driving

Shows how a seat belt really works. Buckle up

Truck hits a Motorhome. Should always look both ways.

I might be a little old fashion and prejudge mental . The older style, more realistic movie stunts and chase scenes, had more meaning to real driving situations. The new way the vehicles fly through the air digitally now has lost my interest. The old days allowed you to imagine yourself in the situation and you could actually learn something about driving. Realistic results and damage showed you what could really happen and maybe instill a little fear and respect about driving. I know when I first started to do chase scenes and wrecks it was hard to talk myself into running into another car or object. I had always been taught and practiced to avoid problems and accidents. After a while, you get used to it and I always kept in mind, maybe this will help someone. Showing them how not to drive and what can happen. The extensive damaged  caused in an auto accident can be horrific.
My friend and “stunt woman” Jeannie Coulter has shared a couple of her photos and movie stunt experiences. Seeing her fly out of a car can remind you to always wear your seat belt. The truck collision is a great reminder to look both ways to prevent hitting another vehicle. Newer films have some great stunt scenes, but I still prefer the more realistic approach. If you watch closely you can learn from a situation. A picture is worth a 1000 words. Stay Safe Out There and Drive Safely !