Back Road Driving Is Still Fun

A recent trip to Sebring Florida reminded me of the old days, when driving was fun. 80 miles of peaceful back roads and barely any traffic on the secondary state roads, brought back some great memories of fun driving. The Interstate driving, especially in Metro Areas, has become a real chore. No longer do you watch for traffic to pass on the left. They now come from both sides at a high rate of speed weaving in and out. These would be “good” drivers have no consideration for any ones’ safety including their own. The problem is they do not even know the dangers they are creating and accidents they cause as they are in their own little world of “Metro Driving.” That is what the new-bee and Millennium drivers call it when they are continuously following too close and maneuvering for position weaving in and out to go no where. The aggressive driver thinks he is better at driving than he or she really is. Until they pay the price of injury or damage to others it goes on. I rarely see State Police or Local cops going after the weavers, following too close nuts, or excessive speedsters. I guess the tight budgets and overwhelming numbers have taken their toll. Until you can get to the back and secondary roads stay alert have patience and drive defensively. If you have not done it lately, head for the country and have some driving fun again. Good Luck and be careful out there.