Distracted Driving and Aggressive Driving are Big Problems For All

Every time I get in my car I am amazed by the distracted drivers and drivers that have no regard for other people. Drivers seem to find more and more ways to take their minds off the task at hand SAFE DRIVING. No phone call can be more important than arriving safely at your destination. If only the distracted drivers would realize how much difference a second on two can make in avoiding or creating an accident. Even Moms and Dads with their kids in the car are seen talking on the phone, texting, or being distracted by the kids. The family car is a great piece of equipment for convenience and use, but it can turn into a deadly tragedy for the family and loved ones. Just listen to the news in the morning and evening and count the reports of accidents, many of them fatalities. A family’s future can change in a matter of seconds when complete attention is not given to getting from point A to point B in a car that is used every day……………As far as aggressive drivers are concerned they need to keep their emotions in Tact and learn the Golden Rule. Sooner or later they will learn the hard way either getting stopped or involved in an accident. Unfortunately they will probably cause several accidents before this happens. Most of them are not nearly as good a driver as they think they are, otherwise they would not drive aggressively. It is just another reason to stay alert while driving and not be distracted. You have to beware aware of all the screwball drivers. Stay alert and be safe out there!!!!!!!