Enjoy Your Summer Driving Trips But Do Not Forget Your Check List

Summer is here and a lot of us will be driving to vacation spots or just more day trips. It is a good time to perform a few of the normal checks on your vehicle. The hotter temperatures can be hard on your engine and tires. It is a good idea to have a fresh oil change and check fluid levels if you are going to be driving far distances and for longer periods of time. Your oil change shop will check your belts, air pressure, air cleaner element windshield wipers and fluid levels.The proper air pressure will allow the best tire wear, allow for bigger loads and help with the gas mileage. A clean air filter will also help gas mileage and performance. Nothing is more frustrating than to have mechanical problems on a leisure or vacation trip. A little preventative maintenance is always a good idea and gives piece of mind. In advance of your trip, do a walk around and check your high and low beams, left and right turn signals and your kids can help you with the brake lights. Check to make sure your spare tire is inflated properly and all the jack pieces and lug wrench are accounted for. It is a good idea to carry a flash light, first aid kit, jumper cables, small fire extinguisher, and couple of basic tools. Make sure your registration and insurance info are in the glove box. During you trip it is best for everyone to get out and walk around and use the facilities every 2 or 3 hours. This will keep you more alert and the wife and kids will appreciate it too. It is best to use a rest area or fuel stop. However, if you have trouble or pull off the road for any reason make sure you are well off the road away from traffic and in a good safe place. Have a good safe trip, stay alert and ENJOY.