Dash Cameras May Be A Good Idea For You

Video dash cameras have been widely used in vehicles overseas for the past few years. The cameras are relatively inexpensive, small, and seem to be trouble free. The main thing I like about them is they seem to be “set it and forget it”. The cameras range from $30-$150.and are not distracting. You do not have to watch them or adjust them, just set and forget. The idea seems to be gaining popularity in the US and as a recent purchaser and user, I think they are a good thing. I hesitated to buy one as I thought they might be just another distraction that no one needs while driving. You actually forget it is there and they can be helpful. The quality of the video is very good and easy to replay on your home computer or device with a USB port. Some European Insurance Companies offer a 10-15% discount if you use one. US companies are not yet convinced the cameras can save them money but are starting to do studies. I think hey will be offering discounts within the next couple of years and they will even be an available option in your new cars. If you are involved in an accident the video is a better and more accurate than eye witness accounts. You can be found not at fault if that is the case. The video can also help with a traffic violations if you were not really breaking the law. If you feel the accident you were in or just witnessed maybe a “crash for cash. or fraud” the footage can be used to overcome insurance fraud. This has risen to almost 40 Billion dollars a year. The footage can also be studied by you and your teenage drivers to become safer and better drivers. Most of the cameras also have a parking mode that allows the Camera to record while the vehicle is parked or stored. This gives a good record of any vehicle abuse while parked. Lastly, scenic vistas or events will be captured on your vacations or trips for enjoyment later so you can focus on your driving. All in all, I like my camera and think it is a good investment and can be enjoyed as well as useful. Be careful out there and please give your driving your full attention always.