Driving In Evacuation Traffic Is Quite An Experience

Recently a lot of Texans and Floridians had the infrequent experience of driving in Evacuation Traffic. The heavy traffic caused many accidents and break downs along the highway. Even though the traffic was not fast moving the distraction of cell phone, frustration, multiple people in the cars and down right exhaustion took its toll. Then after the storm, within a week it is the same thing over again except in the opposite direction. All in all, I think most people did a good job. It was stressful but there was something about everyone with the same goal in mind was a little settling at the same time. When I got off the Interstate I was reminded of some traffic rules. All unlit traffic lights are treated as four way stops. Watch for downed power lines, trees, and washed out roads. There is a lot more emergency vehicles and police presence so allowing them more room was a given. Thankfully these situations are few and far between but you can learn from every experience. Drive Carefully out there.