*80-85 % of Head on Collisions result in a Fatality  * Joie Chitwood Sr. was the first Driver to wear a seat at Indy  500 in 1941.  *Joie Jr. & Sr. tested breakaway signs, guardrails and light poles in the 1970’s -they are still on the Interstates today.   *2015 more than 35,092 people died  in motor vehicle accidents a 7.2% increase over 2014. Alcohol  30%, Speeding 30% Distracted driving  36%.  * Half of all Teens will be in a car accident before they graduate.  * 6 Teens die each day age 16-19 from Motor Vehicle wrecks.  *78% of wrong way accidents happen between 6PM & 6AM.  *350-400 people are killed each year in Wrong Way Accidents *Helmets are 37% effective in preventing death on a motorcycle and about 67% effective in preventing brain injuries.* 4,693 motorcyclists died in crashes in 2015 a total of 58% without a helmet. *6,264,000. traffic accidents in 2015 up 3.8%. Fatalities in multiple car crashes increased by 1,548 people up 11.2%. *Unrestrained passenger vehicle occupants killed was up 4.9% to 9,874. Alcohol related fatalities was up 3.2% to 10,265. *Fatalities in speeding related accidents increased by 3% to 9,557. *Young drivers 16-20 in Fatal crashes were up 10% . *35 States and Puerto Rico had an increase in Vehicle Fatalities. Reliable information from Crash Dummies was not available until the late 80’s. Chitwoods tested breakaway guardrails, signs, and light poles in the 70’s-80’s.  37% of road debris and flying debris accidents are fatalities (500) caused by swerving and losing control. These accidents cause 29,000. injuries yearly and usually happen between 10 AM and 4 PM..